How many posts are enough for a website per day? How to rank it higher on search engine results pages

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By Tamara Ericson
How many articles per day needed for website

Wondering how many posts are suitable for a website per day? To ensure you have enough posts for the audience to read, you can make it one post per day. Alternatively, 4–5 posts per week should suffice in case you don’t have the time to make daily posts. As much as you want but make sure you deliver quality content. Some Blog writers take time (few days or weeks) to come up with the one quality blog post content. Whereas some are very quick to generate quality content within few hours. However, the word length is an important factor that determines how many posts you should publish on your blog per week or per day.

Some find time to publish two posts with 10000+ words long posts per week. The two posts may be 10000+ words long each or a bit shorter. Such posts are called pillar posts. If you are very good at thinking, idea creation, drafting, writing, etc then you might be able to generate multiple post in a day. But its not that easy. There is no harm to publish 10 posts a day but make sure it has to be 100% pure quality.

Popular bloggers understand the efficacy of publishing some pillar posts every month on their blog. If you cannot yet write pillar posts, you can still write enough posts by making some long-form posts weekly.

Use of writing Long-form Posts

Long-form posts are meant for delivering in-depth information or insight about a particular topic. Google loves such content and won’t hesitate to rank it higher on its search engine results pages (SERPs).

It’s not about the frequency, it’s about your audience.

If you are starting a blog website, Remember — you should publish your first 10 blog posts within the first month. Afterwards — you should at least publish a post per week. Depending on your schedule and audience. But this may not be true for NEWS websites. They need to be updated several times a day. Reasonably people looks and awaits for fresh daily news articles.

Hiring Content Writers

It depends on you as per your budget, if you have a lot of fresh and quality content in your hand then post every day at least once. If not then you can post weekly 2–3 content. As you know Google loves content sources so you have to maintain a routine as per your convenience. It's also clear that websites & blogs who maintain a consistent frequency experience a steady increase in traffic, especially when that frequency is at least once per week.

In fact, there is no fixed article count you must post daily. In many websites, which rank well till today, are not updated frequently, not even for years. It very much depends on the type of website running and audience reach. Posting daily is a good schedule for your website if it's a news-focused one in a fast-paced niche. Weekly or monthly posts aren't going to cut it if you want to be a trendsetter with your website. Frequent posting is also a good idea if you have a loyal and engaged audience that visits your site regularly.