Auto experts use Apple patents to create interactive 3D model of what the Apple Car might look like

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You’ve seen some amazing concepts of the ‘Apple Car’, rumored to only be able to hit the road in 2025 or after. Rumors about the Apple Car continued for several years, repeating the start and stop of the project. Most recently, there were rumors that Apple would abandon the car, moving 200 employees from Apple’s automotive and AI-related projects to another department. But in December, expectations were raised again following Bloomberg’s report that it had deployed AI chief John Giannarea to the automotive project. However, despite these speculations, it will likely take a few more years for the Apple Car to actually appear.

Apple will almost certainly go with is a minimalist design. The company’s belief in sophisticated simplicity can be seen in its end-to-end iPhone displays and Magic Mouse.

This post lets you to visualize the Apple car in 3D. A fan has created a 3D render of the rumoured Apple car based on a number of published Apple patents of the car. The Apple-branded electric car has supposedly been in the works since 2014 under the code name ‘Project Titan’. The internet isn’t keen on the potential design but we love it, although, we may have noticed some similarities to Elon Musk’s infamous Cybertruck.

The interactive 3D model was created and posted online by Vanarama, a vehicle leasing company, and allows Apple fans to take a 360-degree tour around and inside the vehicle. The speculated car takes on an SUV form with a sleek white exterior, and Apple logo embellishments on the wheels, bumper and grill. The interior of the car is unsurprisingly equipped with an Apple operating system which expands across the length of the dashboard. We think the interior of the car is super cool, with its spaceship-feel design and rotating seats.