Is there any possible way to improve my PC's performance without Computer Repair Service Support

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By Tamara Ericson
RAM module inside a laptop

Getting additional RAM can be a great way to upgrade your computer memory. Now, many people questions themselves "Can I get external RAM for laptop or PC to boost the performance of my computer". The answer to that is a very clear “No”. External hard drives provide more storage for the files on your internal storage drive but there’s no similar solution for adding a RAM card or RAM stick.

What does a RAM do inside the computer ?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is volatile/temporary memory used to store: • data, • files, or • part of the operating system that are currently in use. In general, the larger the size of RAM the faster the computer will operate. The purpose of RAM in the computer is to send data to the processor in the shortest possible time. And to do it effectively, the RAM must be physically close to the processor.

If adding a RAM module externally were in any way possible, you would need either an expansion cable or connector, in which case, you might just end up creating an SSD (Solid State Drive). So, you cannot add extra RAM externally. Therefore, if the RAM is not internal, it just won’t work.
To understand why you can’t or don’t plug in your RAM, just like you plug in your USB devices is that RAM is a bit choosy when it comes to interfaces, and power supply. A USB port, for example, has varying power supply across different ports, so you can share power supply among many connected devices. Because RAM is volatile, an impaired supply will adversely affect the operation and ultimately your processor’s need for crucial data.

Does ReadyBoost Increase RAM?

However you can add extra memory for windows by allowing your USB flash drive to be used as ReadyBoost. This can help in the case where the internal RAM is not sufficient. If your computer is stressed for RAM, you’re better off adding more RAM instead of using ReadyBoost. Moreover USB drives are slow, much slower than an actual RAM module.

Finally, the only way to upgrade RAM is to open the machine and insert more or bigger RAM chips, assuming your machine can accept them.