Green color glitches problem on some frames rendered in After Effects

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By Roland Stephen
Weird green flickering on rendered video in After Effects

Weird green flickering on rendered video in After Effects and all my renders have these random green frames that are not present in the timelines. I had the same problem, the reason behind those glitches is the codec of file (h264, mov, etc).

Step 01


  • Open media encoder, and to import your source files or the Composition to render.
  • Choose a lossless codec as ProRes 444 or, under quicktime, DNxHR 444 10 bit. You may need to download the DNxHR codec.
  • Render your files with media encoder
  • In after effects, in your hierarchy, where imported files are listed, right click on your old footage.
  • Choose "Replace footage" and then click on "files"
  • Select your newly rendered footage and click ok

If not solved, try these steps below.

Step 02

  • Go to Preferences > Import. Then Deselect "Enable hardware accelerated decoding" under Video Footage.
  • Then go to Preferences > Media & Disk Cache. Then Click "Empty Disk Cache" and "Clean Database & Cache"
  • Relaunch After Effects and import the files again.

Preferences : Media & Disk Cache. Then Click Empty Disk Cache and Clean Database & Cache

Step 03

You must do these steps mentioned below in this exact order.

  • Edit -> Purge -> All memory & Disk Cache
  • Disable hardware acceleration in Preferences/Import
  • Clear BOTH disk caches in this order Preferences/Media Cache, and then Preferences/ Disk Cache
  • Close After Effects and Reboot Your PC

Doing the sequence had fixed the issue for me.

Previously taken steps

I tried rolling back my Nvidia display driver to an earlier version, and that also made no difference. I then updated back to the latest Nvidia driver and now the mp4 files playback and show every other frame as solid green.

02 : AFTER EFFECTS File -> Project Settings
No matter if CUDA (my system its Mercury GPU Acceleration (CUDA)) or Software (Mercury Software only) is selected - this happens.